Who's Spying on You !

Someone is.  ( Warning: Hotspot Shield is not safe. Suit claims they are spying on you! Read More. )

PETITION: End Section 702 allowing secret spying on US Citizens. http://bordc.org

Ever since WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley (Chelea) Manning and others let the cat out of the bag out about our government ( And UK ) spying on their citizens, it has become apparant that everything you do online, and every number you call is and has been recorded in massive databases by our own Government, all illegally  without a search warrant. Sadly it has become the nation's policy to place individuals who expose illegal activity in jail rather than stop the illegal activity.  This is done to make an "example" out of anyone who dares expose illegal government activities leveled against our own citizens.

The only defense is a good defense on your part.  Read about means to cover your tracks while using your phone or internet. While the vast majority of us have nothing to hide (today) who knows what happens in a future where your political speech might land you in hot water. Perhaps someone you chat with online, unknown to you, is being monitored by a government agency for some reason. By extension you would become part of that monitoring and under suspicion by your very association.

Journalists, whistle blowers, dissidents and political activists world wide use tools to protect themselves as well as their sources. These same tools are available to you at the same price...typically FREE.

Don't wait until you hear a knock on your door to find an governmant agent asking you if you know so-and-so.

Think of this as the world's biggest hard drive!  This is the NSA data center where they store EVERYONE's online activity and phone records.


Electronic Frontier Foundation [ EFF ] launches site on personal security. CHECK IT OUT!

It is a known issue that Mr. Trump is thin skinned and likes to attack those who would cross him.  Now that we are faced with at least 4 years of "him" and a minimum of 2 years with a GOP congress, your privacy is at risk.  We suggest you take advantage of all the free and paid resources at your disposal to protect your online communications.

1. Opera has built in VPN but we have no idea about log files when you use that. It will protect you from casual snooping by your ISP but best to use that in series with a true VPN that DOES NOT KEEP LOGS.

2. Free encrypted email. Tutanota.com offers this. No ID, No email or any identification needed to sign up for basic service. Email you send out to another address can be encrypted and require a pre-arranged password to read. (use TOR when setting up your account. There is an app for your phone as well.

If you want extra protection browse and email via the free TOR network browser after you connect to the internet via a VPN.



We don't know who the NSA, CIA or FBI might spy on or why. We only know they can if they choose to do so, unless we take precautions.

No one suggests you should be doing anything illegal while online but the facts are that those who do so probably use some or all of these privacy protection measures already so we are not giving away any secrets here.

Our intent is to inform the public of their rights to privacy and methods to protect their own privacy.


Check out our reviews and links for VPN providers you may want to check out.  CLICK HERE to continue


Windows 10 Upgrade/os! Is it a good idea?
Many privacy concerns you need to know about before making the switch.

This is where YOU appear to be now.
Unless you are using a VPN to view this page then we don't know who you are...good for you!

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If you spend any time online your privacy is already compromised to some extent. Depending on how much you share and where you share it, your life may be an open book already. You really cannot remove what is out there, placed either by yourself or by others who obtained information about you from third parties.

What you can do is shut off the tap. Limit who and how you share personal information and keep prying eyes out of your personal business.

This site is about the available tools you can use to secure your privacy from prying eyes while you use the internet as well as how to lock down your own computer to keep someone locally from getting their hands on important, sensitive data like your banking and health information.

We will also touch on the very important matter of backing up important information to insure against catastrophe.

We will touch on security measures for your smart phone as well.

Is this really just humor or do they have a copy of your hard drive?


This site will always be a work in progress with information edited added or removed as the work of keeping you safe online changes.