SlickVPN not so slick.

I tried.  Their service looks "Slick" but customer support poor based on my short attempt to test them out.

Had issues. Client tended to not work half the time. Would often kill my internet requiring a reboot to get back online.

My go-to test site to see what VPN works there, Omegle, just plain fails on all fronts. This is a well known if "strange" anonymous random video chat site that is running on Ajax and Flash.

I sent Slick a report for support about problems. I received one reply about unblocking incoming ports but no instructions and no attempt on their part to do so.  They never again replied until today regarding terminating my account because, as they said "...sorry we could not meet your needs".

I logged in to account on web and found it unsubscribed.  There was a refund in PayPal so I guess they would rather just terminate an account than provide support to solve a problem.

My grade is "incomplete" on all counts and "F" for support. I can confirm that at least one site is totally unusable while tunneling through Slick.

Price not bad but if it won't work and causes grief, not worth the effort.

I do not recommend SlickVPN.