Private Internet Access

This is my current provider for my VPN however a recent development has me considering a change.

This company is located in Denver Colorado, USA and while many would shy away from a US based VPN service, they claim they keep no logs at all of user connections.  They are typically listed in the top tier of trusted VPN providers despite there US location.

On the other hand there is always a concern as our current administration is acting more like a Russian puppet state than  the democracy we knew and loved so I would not be sure your use would be protected.  You would not be told of course. That said PIA did prove on court on one occasion that they had no logs to release which is a rare point of proof they keep no logs as a matter of policy. Should PIA receive a warrant or gag order to log a particular user I doubt they could legally refuse being in the US and subject to such orders.

I think for activists and others who's activity must remain secure an off-shore provider may still be the safe bet.

There service has been fast and their GUI decent with lots of connection points around the world to choose from.  I have a 100MB commection and speed tests over their VPN consistantly provide me with at least 50MB so cudos.

CONS:  The two quarrals I have with them are slow support response times and a recent policy change that impacted my ability to send email from my desktop.  Their policy change requires a whitelisting of your smtp IP address.  Mine had already been whitelisted for over a year when they put this in place and then disconnected my existing whitelisting.  As of this writing I am still unable to send emails withoug logging in to my webmail in a browser.  Strangly I can still send from my phone when connected to PIA and it is the same server.

I just received yet another request for the exact same information I sent two days ago so I am having more doubts about the quality of support.

This email issue may be the reason I need to switch providers. First because I cannot have someone else decide what email I can use and also don't really want any IP's that belong to me permanently recorded in their database.

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