Fastest VPN

Thanks to a free evaluation period I got to test drive this provider for a few weeks.

They claim to be the worlds best and fastest but I take self-assessed claims as marketing not fact.

I did have excellent speed tests but really no faster than many others. Not sure how you claim "best".

There interface is decent but could use a little help in navigation, but it will get you where you need to go.

Their privacy policy says NO LOGS which is a good thing, the other plus is they are located in the Cayman Islands, not in US jurisdiction.

As with all paid services they do keep your email for billing purposes but state that if you unsubscribe all that information is deleted from their system.

They have servers scattered world wide to which they hold exclusive rights.  Good selection of locations. The exclusivity means no one else, in theory, would have access to or be able to collect usage data.

I cannot fairly access support times because my only contact was related to this review and my evaluation account so I have to assume that would work in my favor for faster communications.

Often display discounts to attract new customers. As of this writing there is a $1/month 5 year plan offered. 


If they have a kill switch I could not find it. Back to my one minor issue with GUI's navigation.

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